What is W1?

W1 the restaurant, is all about modern London dining. Our aim is to bring the vibrant taste, feeling and style of London to Kuala Lumpur.

The melting pot of London is home to every style of food and beverage internationally available. Tuned, tweeked and constantly updated, we will be delivering the best of Londons food and drinks. With such amazing global influences, the London dining scene has never been more vibrant.

We will bring the taste of some traditional english dishes and the adaptation of international dishes, along with its incredible cocktail scene.

Surrounded with London art and icons, this, is W1


balloon girl

a bit about w1


Daniel J Thompson

Starting young in the restaurant trade in London, is where danny cut his teeth. His hometown taught him many aspects of the f&b trade and he has run some of the best bars & restaurants in london. 

Bringing the the best of london f&b and combining this with KL’s scene was the next challenge for him.

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  • balloon girl
  • pissing queens guard

London art

As well as food and beverage, london art has always unique. Our collection ranges  from hand painted muruls & banksy prints, to acrylics from london born artist kathryn pitt


London is divided geographically. North, East, South and West.

London postcodes follow these divisions. Smack bang in the centre of London is West one (W1). This amazing area includes Soho, Chinatown and Mayfair

W1 the restaurant, brings the best of central modern London dining scene to your plate in KL.


  • Chef chong.
  • His ability to take traditional dishes and add a modern twist is incredible. the proof is in the pudding, pun intended.
chef chong